Beautiful notetaking for Bahá’í Pilgrimage

Record reflections, insights, and plans as you visit the Sacred Shrines and special associated sites.

Organize your notes according to pilgrimage sites

    • The House of the Master
    • Shrine of the Báb
    • International Teaching Center
    • International Archives Building
    • Center for the Study of the Sacred Text
    • The Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh

Keep your notebook with you as you go.

Here are some of the features the Pilgrimage Journal offers.

A clean experience for taking notes in a beautiful editor, with no distractions.

Organized and Searchable.

Because we hope you take no shortage of notes during your pilgrimage.


Find a note by title, contents or location.

Quickly navigate through your notes, no matter how many you have! You can also search through locations for easy navigation.


Download and print out a full copy of your written notes.

Want to save, share or shelve your pilgrimage notes? You can download or print a pdf copy from the app menu.


Easily copy the various site locations right out of the application.

By copying the address or coordinates within the app you can easily get directions on your phones maps application.

Consider it a gift

We know it is important for the pilgrims to refresh the friends back home with the recollections and insights, we hope that this tool might assist in some way.

The Team that made it possible.

It was a collaborative effort and a joy to work together.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • How much does My Bahá’í pilgimage journal cost?

      The app is completely free on both Android and iOS.

    • Can I send my notes to a friend?

      Yes, you can share individual notes through SMS, Email, and various messaging apps using the buttons on the note menu.

    • How is my data handled?

      We do not collect any data from your usage of the application within the app. Your notes are saved entirely local to the device. The respective app stores tell us how many people have downloaded the application.

    • Why aren't there any pictures in my pdf?

      Due to current technical limitations the pdf creation uses the internet to add the images, try again when you have an internet connection.

    • Can I include the pictures I have taken into the printed pdf?

      Unfortunately not right now due to technical constraints. Hopefully this feature will become available in the future.

    • How can I support the application?

      You can leave a loving review in the app store, that will help more people find the app. You could of course always pray for the wellbeing of the members of the team listed above.

    • I found a bug, who do I call?

      Please send a description of the problem to

    • I accidentally deleted a note with an important photo, what can I do?

      All of the photo and image notes also save a copy to your camera roll with the rest of your pictures. The same is not true of audio and text notes, so be careful with those.

    • Can we expect more features?

      This will depend on the experience we generate by using the app. We act, reflect, study, and our plans evolve accordingly.

    • What is Bahá’í pilgrimage?

      You can read about the Bahá’í Faith at and more about pilgrimage at

    • Where are the photos from?

      Many of the photos come from the World Centers media bank; Copyright © Bahá’í International Community. Many others were taken by 'The Photographeer'.